Exceptional Qualifications and Private Sector Experience

A Watchdog for Taxpayers and Oklahoma

“I grew up in a small farming town in Jackson County.  My parents taught me the value of hard work at an early age with daily chores and responsibilities.   A strong work ethic has served me well throughout my career in private business, and I will bring these same values to the office of State Auditor.

I will be a hands on State Auditor. It’s a management job involving finances and numbers, so it fits my skill set well.  In my professional career, I have routinely challenged the status quo and sought creative solutions because change is inevitable.  The more you lead ……the more you serve.  I’ll do the same as State Auditor.

Especially when dealing with government bureaucracies, I believe people do what you inspect, not what you expect.  When I dig in on an investigation, I won’t quit.  I won’t let up, and will be exhaustive, fair and complete.

Following the money is a part of, but not the end of, the story.  Are government programs achieving their intended aims and returns – and at a cost that makes sense for taxpayers?

Answering these questions will help strengthen our State not just over the next 4 years, but the next 40.  It may rock the boat of some entrenched interests or people that do not like change, but that’s the job I’m signing up for, and, as your State Auditor, that’s the job I will do.”